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Truth be told, I have an annoying habit of having to research and read up on every restaurant, café or bar if I know I will be visiting. Call it due diligence or some weird form of coping mechanism for committing to a restaurant selection or whatever, whether I am travelling in a car, on a train or walking to a venue, I will be madly doing my research. I will read up my reviews. I will search through the interwebs for every version of the menu ever posted. I will look for photos. Some may consider it neurotic, or as tells me: “mentally maladjusted” – I’d like to think that I’m simply doing my research so I’m aware of the opportunity costs of ordering from the specials board. I am an accountant by day, after all.

One Saturday evening, DL drops me a message to say that we would be brunching the following day. “Three Williams in Redfern,” he said, “I’ll let the picture speak for itself.”

The photo he sent was one taken of what I would later find out to be their signature glazed beef brisket narnie.

“What the hell is a narnie?” I thought to myself, “and what does the name ‘Three Williams’ even mean?”

Unfortunately, Three Williams doesn’t really have its own standalone website so to speak. The website url simply links to a Facebook page which forms a constant communication channel to its patrons, although still currently lacks information on the actual cafe. Luckily, the team over at Broadsheet had this place covered – so feel free to pop over if you want to know the story behind the naming of the place.


It’s a family friendly place, and a well-converted space from its old warehouse days. There is a kid’s corner at the back to entertain the young ones as their parents kick back with some delicious food and coffee.


Seasonal Housemade Soda – Pineapple & Mint – $5 glass/$12 jug

Aside from their signature narnies (I promise I will get to this later), another unique offering at the Three Williams is their housemade soda. Pineapple and mint was the flavour of the day and the slight caramel notes in the soda had DL and I puzzling over what the ingredients were all meal.


Cold Brew with Sweet Milk – $5

DL ordered an iced cold brew with sweet milk. “Ca Phe Sua Da?” he thought. Nope, nothing like the typical Vietnamese cold coffee with condensed milk. This one was closer to a normal iced coffee.


Fish Croquettes with Lemon and Aioli – $3 each

Here at Three Williams fish croquettes are sold individually. My research sources had almost unanimously informed that they were a must try on the menu. Let it be known now that Team FMC will join that unanimity. The croquettes were soft, fluffy and incredibly well seasoned. DL had originally wanted to only order one to share between the two of us which would have been tragic. Luckily I managed to whine my way out of that decision and ordered one each.

DL then proceeded to attempt to steal mine.


Fried Tempeh, Asian-Style Pickled Vegetables, Sriracha & Lime Mayo – $12

Given the progression of my dietary issues these days I’ve found myself venturing more and more frequently into vegetarian options on menus and trying alternative sources of protein wherever possible so I don’t feel as sick. Great for the blog in terms of researching purposes, but not so great for my fellow meat-eaters at the table. Three Williams is standout in providing a healthy, well-balanced range of options to satiate both omnivores and herbivores. They do this even in their range of signature narnies, which is a lightly toasted sandwich wrapped with a naan-style bread, resembling much like the ubiquitous Pork Bun alla David Chang.

I’ve often read about tempeh and have found it generally quite a polarising topic to discuss with people. Some love it and will swear by it, while other will often describe it as an acquired taste. Personally I really enjoyed it – nutty, soft and incredibly satiating. Combined with the crunch of the Asian slaw, brilliant.


Glazed Beef Brisket, Slaw, Gherkins, Chipotle Mayo – $14

Last but not least, the Beef Brisket Narnie. Try as you might, but there is simply no pretty way of eating this if you want to really enjoy it the way it ought to be enjoyed. Pick it up with both hands and tuck right in because seriously, once you start, you simply cannot stop. The brisket was pure bliss – tender, mouthwatering slivers of fatty meat that is practically falling apart. A generous slathering of meat juices mean that the bread is absolutely bursting with flavour. Slight tang in the slaw and a couple of gherkins cuts through the richness, and voila, before you know it, it’s all gone and you’re full to the brim.

And then that’s when you realise you need to clear your schedule next weekend for round two.


Three Williams
613a Elizabeth Street
Redfern NSW 2016
Tel: (02) 9698 1111
Three Williams on Urbanspoon
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What Others Are Saying

  1. Helen (Grab Your Fork) January 10, 2014 at 8:48 AM

    Ha I usually try and do some research before I visit a place, but sometimes it’s fun to just rock up and enjoy the ride. The narnies are great here aren’t they? Really enjoyed the crunchy brioche French toast too.

  2. Tina @ bitemeshowme January 13, 2014 at 6:55 AM

    You’ll also have to try their cauliflower salad next time – so so amazing!

    • DL January 19, 2014 at 6:30 PM

      We’ll give that a try next time!

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