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Posted on November 18, 2013 by WX

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Truth be told, even as a professed foodie who enjoys preparing her food from first principles, sometimes life as an accountant gets in the way – especially during year-ends and what not. I’m generally well prepared, with a fridge well stocked for quick-cooking. But every now and then, I find myself in a situation when I get caught off-guard and come home to an empty fridge.

Recently, we were asked by Menulog to take a test-drive of their service with a $25 voucher. I have used their service many years ago, but when I checked them out this time I was really excited to see a whole new look to their page, and how simple and efficient their system of ordering take-out was.

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For those who have never used Menulog, it is a web-based service that allows you to order takeaway and have it delivered straight to your door-step. Of course, if you wish to pick it up yourself, you also have the option to do so. The process is simple – just enter your postcode or suburb, and the system will find the closest restaurants servicing your area. Our initial search gave us 28 restaurants offering 78 specials, which was really exciting as I had no idea there were simply that many options to choose from in my area!

131107 - Screen2

DL and I agreed that we would try an Indian place on this occasion as FMC had never covered an Indian restaurant before. We refined our search in the panel on the left, and the page quickly filtered down to our search before we could even blink. The sort function on the top panel is handy if you wanted to sort by consumer favourites, name, rating, minimum order, or what I consider to be one of the most important factors to a good take-out, speed.

Additionally, the promotions column lets you compare at a glance whether there are particular specials which you can take advantage of. For DL and I, we felt we were really going in blind as we had never tried any of the listed places before, so we quickly skimmed through all the reviews and finally decided on Mantra Indian Restaurant.

131108 - Screen 6

Mantra gave us an enormous list of items to choose from. The menu was clear, and most items provided a concise description of what the dish was.  It was very liberating to be able to put the order from the comfort of my bedroom, and not stress over potential miscommunication over the phone. Also, as an added perk – if you are curious about what an ingredient is, as I often am, you can always just Google it before you order without seeming rude at the dinner table by pulling out your phone.

The ordering process is straightforward and the interface Menulog has provided is very user friendly. Given we were eating Indian and DL is always a little anxious around chilli, we were very pleasantly surprised at the option to customize the heat-level of our order. A very nice touch.

131108 - Screen 8

Check out is by card or cash – although if you have a voucher you only have the option of card. Oh, and they accept AMEX, which makes me and my frequent flyer points very happy to see.

131108 - Screen 7

Another nice touch which Menulog has added is the ability to put your order through in advance. Just left work and you’re starving? Not a problem, put your order through on the train and have your order arrive at your doorstep when you get home.

131108 - Screen 9

Once everything goes through you receive a confirmation on your mobile with the ETA of your order. We were a little sad to see that our order would take roughly an hour to arrive, and perhaps would have gone with another restaurant had we known sooner, but overall we were quite excited about seeing our delivery.

131107 - Screen 10

Before we left the page, I was pleasantly surprised to see the above suggestion box as we scrolled down the page. It really shows that the team behind Menulog is committed to having all their bases covered when it comes to providing an efficient and effective online take-away ordering system.


Cheese Naan (L) – $3.50, Fish til Tinka (R) – $10.00

Fast forward 50 odd minutes or so, and we receive our mid-week Indian banquet. We checked our order and no issues there whatsoever. We even received complimentary Raita and Kachumber! It appeared the process had worked perfectly!

We ordered Fish til Tinka as an entrée, which was essentially a spiced fish fried in batter, and a piece of Cheese Naan. In retrospect ordering fried fish was probably a little silly given that there was no way the crispiness would last the trip. Sadly it was a little soggy, as with the naan, but these were considerations which we should have thought about before we ordered. DL and I spiritually relegated ourselves to the take-out dunces corner.


Goat Curry on the Bone (L) – $15.00, Chicken Tikka Masala (R) – $13.50

On the other hand, the Goat Curry on the Bone and Chicken Tikka Masala survived the trip perfectly. Although both were a little greasy, the goat was cooked till tender and falling off the bone, while the chicken really hit the spot with DL. He would have preferred a little more tomato flavours in the sauce, but was definitely tasty nonetheless.


Gulab Jamun – $4.50

Finally for dessert we ordered Gulab Jamun, which were fried cheese dumplings coated in sugar syrup. The balls were a little dense, with a texture that is similar to a donut; the syrup was, like many other Indian desserts, incredibly sweet. Definitely a treat for those insatiable sweet tooths out there.

Overall, our experience with Menulog was indeed an positive one. We’re not just saying this because this is a sponsored post, but because they really do have a system that works well, at least on this particular run. I was a skeptic at first, given my general aversion to relying on takeaway food, but I really do believe that this system will help anyone out of a jam. We’ve all had long and stressful days at work, every now and then it is really liberating to know that your food will come to you when you get home.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Team FMC was gifted a $25 voucher by Menulog to try their system. All opinions, choice of restaurant and observations are our own.

Order takeaway online:

Mantra Indian
100 Blaxland Road
Ryde NSW 2112
Tel: (02) 9808 2266

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  1. Helen (Grab Your Fork) November 18, 2013 at 3:46 PM

    Great to hear that the goat was tender, and I’ve been craving gulab jamun lately! WIll have to rectify this soon.

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