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Coffee Alchemy – Coffee Bean Review

Posted on November 30, 2011 by DL

The boy was lucky enough to receive  some coffee beans for his birthday, the beans were from a brewer called coffee alchemy ( Thank you guys!!!!!!). The boy had previously heard about coffee alchemy from a coffee forum, but never had the urge the try them as he found that espressorganica provided him with excellent single origin beans which  suited his palate.

The boy received the following beans.

  1. Holy Hildegard
  2. Paracelsus Punch
  3. Goodness Galileo

The beans were a present from a group of friends, so it was free! (again, Thanks guys!!!!) but the beans can be purchased from their website  Prices Start from $12.50 for 250grams.


The first bean off the block was Holy Hildegard. The bean was described to be ‘Sweet and succulent with  juicy fruits with caramel sweetness.‘ We did indeed found this bean sweet, but lacked a punch and didn’t feel very full in the mouth, but nothing should be taken from this blend, much like wine the origin of the bean is very important, by mixing  beans from various locations, blends rarely have a  unique taste and tend to produce various confusing flavours, however coffee alchemy has managed to produce a well balanced blend, but don’t expect this to give you any ‘OMG’ feeling.


As a cappuccino the milk managed to balance off most of the acidity, however the aftertaste was not very pleasing. The boy felt that the body of the beans still lacked fullness and your taste buds are not tantalized by anything too spectacular.

After such a medicore start, the boy didn’t put too much hope into the next bag, Paracelsus Punch… But this quickly changed when the boy opened up the bag, he smell was fantastic! The bean itself had a nice colour and texture, the colour indicated that it wasn’t over roasted and the texture implied that it was not artificially shined like many supermarket/cheap beans. The smell of the shot was very complex, there was a bit of smokiness to the smell of the shot and the smell of chocolate also found its way through. This looks positive!

The first milk based test was as a cappuccino. It was  bloody fantastic, the body felt full, the milk broke through any excessive acidity in the shot and the chocolate aftertaste was very pleasing. We like!

Because of the punch that was found in the coffee, the boy tried it as a Vietnamese coffee, it worked well, the chocolate aftertaste was a tad odd in a Vietnamese coffee, but the body of flavour produced by the bean worked well.


The final blend for this review was the Goodness Galileo blend.  This is the blend they use for their shop front, as it suited all types of drinks, including cappuccino, latte and mocha. The blend had a slightly nutty aroma to it and the chocolate after taste was very prominent as a cappuccino, however the boy felt the body wasn’t really full compared to the Paracelsus Punch blend.

All in all we are happy with the blend selection, they all had distinct characteristics that appeal to different type of people. Like wine, coffee is a very personal taste, the way we test our beans cannot be regarded as very scientific, rather it’s a test of what we like and what we don’t. Which bean suites your taste could greatly differ from what we like, so when you find the beans you like you treasure it! but don’t just stop there like what the boy did, you should really go out there and try various types of roast, who knows you may find a better one! Coffee alchemy produces some good quality beans and I can see why some people would fall in love with their beans. For us, we really liked the Paracelsus Punch blend. Creamy and chocolatey. Although We don’t see it replacing our espressorganica beans anytime soon, it was a refreshing change of roast!



Coffee Alchemy
24 Addison Road, (corner of Cook Rd and Addison Rd)
openings hours: Monday to Friday 7am to 2pm.  Saturday 8am to 3pm
Tel:  02 9516 1997
All images were taken with a Nikon D7000 with either a 60mm Tamron Macro f2.0 lens or the 17-50 vs F2.8 lens.

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