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The Vintage Cafe – The Rocks

Posted on September 15, 2011 by DL

On a beautiful day with warm weather and plenty of sunlight it’s almost impossible to resist the charm of the Sydney harboourside. Circular Quay has fantastic views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, so it’s obviously a tourist magnet. Although, just because you’re a local doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit every now and then! We headed over to The Rocks to spend a little time exploring the nooks and crannies, taking photos and of course, eating.  Down Nurses Walk are a few shops and cafes, so we head down that way and find The Vintage Cafe. This is a small Mediterranean cafe/restaurant with a reasonably short menu and plenty of old school charm. We spot a few people sitting on the tiny balcony they’ve got and opt for a table amongst them – a must when the weather is good.

To start we have to have a cappuccino ($3.80) – a must for any first meal of the day. Service is prompt and coffees served only moments later. We like our pretty patterns so this is a slight disappointment, but at least we manage without sugar. The boy feels that they’ve used a blend designed for espressos rather than cappucinos, so the flavour is a little dull and had minimal aroma.

The boy orders Eggs Benedict with salmon ($18.90, top-right, bottom-right). Wikipedia says this would actually be called Eggs Hemingway, but we’ve never seen this name anywhere…ever. It comes with two different breads already smeared with butter. The girl finds this strange, as what if you’re on of those people that don’t like butter on their toast? Or you’re trying to be healthy. But then you wouldn’t order Eggs Benedict if you were healthy – that hollandaise isn’t going to help the waistline or your heart. Overall the meal was fine, but nothing spectacular. It comes with a good amount of salmon and properly poached eggs, but there’s something off about the hollandaise as the consistency is a lot like mayo. We think it came from a jar. The asparagus is also canned, which is very disappointing since their is definitely fresh asparagus available. The boy is particularly annoyed about the tomato being barely fried when it was supposed to be grilled.

The girl orders the Vegetarian Sandwich ($14.90, top-left, bottom-left), which comes packed a variety of grilled (possibly from a jar) vegetables. There’s a little bit of mayo in there, adding an extra bit of flavour and is well toasted. The girl hates a toasted sandwich that doesn’t have melted cheese oozing through. If you don’t like capsicum you should probably avoid this as there’s plenty of it, along with mushrooms, asparagus and eggplant. There’s a side serving of salad with balsamic dressing, but by salad we mean a pile of lettuce leaves.

Overall the place is nice to sit and people-watch, but not somewhere worth hunting down. On a nice day it’s good to take your time and watch the world go by, but don’t expect any particularly fantastic food. We wouldn’t say it’s dramatically overpriced, but due to it’s location it’s a little on the high side. Then again, when you’re at The Rocks, what do you expect?

The Vintage Cage (Vintage Cafe on The Rocks)
R2 Nurses Walk
The Rocks NSW 2000
(02) 9252 2055


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All photos taken with an Olympus E-P3 with a 14-42mm Lens

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