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Posted on September 29, 2011 by DL

The girl has lived in Concord for about 5 years now and has regularly attended Espressorganica with the boy, pretty much since it opened up a couple of years ago. We think, not too sure if we’re making that part up actually. But by regular, we mean the barista knows who we are and remembers our coffee order (cappuccino, no sugar!) so that we don’t need to say a word before it’s placed in our hands. It’s our favourite local brunch spot and has never disappointed us with food or drink. Brunch is something we both love, since the boy loves breakfast and the girl loves sleep. Compromise! So this time we headed for some brunch with a girl friend, enjoying the extra Vitamin D from the sunshine.


On a warm day it’s hard to resist any cold drink, so we all went for something cooling and tasty. The girl and the girl friend opted for a Pineapple Crush ($6.00, left) and a watermelon juice ($6.00, middle). The Pineapple Crush was refreshing, but a little bland on the flavour. Watermelon juice is simple and it’s virtually impossible to get wrong, so let’s just say it tasted like real watermelon. The boy went for an iced coffee ($6.50, right) which is something that not everyone can get right. You have the option of getting it with cream as well, but a big scoop of ice cream is enough fat already. The little cigar wafer thing is also a welcome addition! The coffee is well flavoured and doesn’t come loaded with sugar – it actually takes like real coffee, not coffee flavoured syrup. Try it!


The cappuccino ($3.50, blurry due to use of an iPhone) here is nearly as good as those we had in Florence. So good that the boy has reminisced about being there whilst drinking his cappuccino at Espressorganica. The flavours are full, the bitterness and the acidity level are well balanced – oh so close to Florence! There’s never any need to add sugar to the coffee here, although we know some people simply can’t do without the sugar. Also take a look at the pretty rosetta! The boy has been trying really hard to perfect his coffee-pouring skills, but can’t quite get to the same level yet.

The girl friend went for the Breaky Grande ($18.00) due to the ‘spicy sausage’ listed on the menu – in fact, she ordered an extra sausage so this photo has two serves of sausage on there. She was thoroughly impressed by the sausage, although she didn’t eat the mushroom or tomato due to disliking vegetables. So the girl and boy ate them instead and we definitely liked them. The girl was just a little disappointed the tomato was cold – obviously pre-made, but at least truly oven roasted! The girl friend also wanted her eggs to be really really fried, to the point where the yolks don’t run, so they weren’t to her liking. On the other hand, we like our eggs to have some run to it so in our opinion they can fry an egg just right. We’ve also tried the majority of the ‘egg’ items on the breakfast menu and ‘mushroom’ ones as well – they’re all good, so definitely give it a go.

The girl went for the Greek Style Calamari ($19.00, top), which was certainly tasty and the calamari was very nicely scored and cooked. The chips here are super yummy and always come out crunchy and well salted. The girls only issue with the dish was the mayo. The menu states that it comes with ‘lemon zest aioli’, which it certainly didn’t. Lemon wedge doesn’t equal lemon zest aioli. She could have forgiven that, but the mayo obviously came from a squeezy bottle and tasted like something from the supermarket – now that’s a letdown. We’ve also had the Fish and Chips ($18.00) here, which the girl prefers. There’s a large quantity of fish and it comes freshly cooked so the coating is still crunchy.

The boy went for the Angus Beef Burger ($14.00), a monster of a burger with some extremely tasty onions and bacon. Everyone loves bacon in a good burger, so it was extremely satisfying. The boy demolished it and couldn’t have been happier. The girl has also had the Chicken Fillet Burger ($14.00) here and just a note to people – it’s fantastic. It’s enormous and it’s good. We would recommend any of the burgers on the menu.


Now this gelato wasn’t fro Espressorganica but we couldn’t resist taking a photo of it. If you say this heart-shaped cone of decliciousness isn’t adorable, the girl will literally throw it in your face. This comes from Dolce Latte Gelato down the road and is pretty darn good. Not the best gelato around town, but considering easy access it’s in our top few. Plus it’s served in a love heart! Who doesn’t think that’s awesome? We went for the Coconut and Strawberries & Cream – yum! Coconut has dessicated coconut in there and doesn’t taste medicinal so that’s a win. The Strawberries & Cream is one of the girl’s favourite flavours there (other than the original Berries & Cream they used to/still do). This place also opens late, so great for an 11pm scoop of yum or a decent pizza.


49a Majors Bay Rd
Concord, 2137
Tel: (02) 9736 3222
Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 5.30am-5pm; Sat-Sun, 6am-6pm

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Dolce Latte Gelato & Pizza
93 Majors Bay Road
Concord, NSW 2137
Tel: (02) 9743 0359
Photos taken with an Olympus E-p3 with 14-42mm and an Iphone 4.


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